Data Works Sheets

What’s a Data Works Sheet? Each sheet presents responses to one question from the PAHRTS pilot survey, ready to be put to work to support reflection, discussion, and action by you and your theater organization.

How to use the Works Sheets:

  1. Examine the data yourself and reflect on your responses to it.
  2. Explain to your staff/team the background of the data and its purpose – to help organizations improve management of their most important resource, the humans!
  3. Ask your staff/team respond to the questions themselves. Let people keep their responses private.
  4. Together, review the data presented in this Data Works Sheets. Given your organization’s context, what is surprising? Obvious? Different? Affirming? Challenging?
  5. Identify practices that you, as individuals and an organization, will change to address the issues raised through these reflections.

We askedHow did you get where you are now in Minnesota theaters? What were the pivotal moments of change and growth? Who helped you along the way? Check out the Data Works Sheet: Path.

We askedThink about your current or most recent job in Minnesota theater. How do you feel about the amount of responsibility you have in your work? Check out the Data Works Sheet: Responsibility.

We askedHow do you work in relationship to a MN theater(s)? People selected the phrase that best describes where and how they currently work in MN theater(s) and then the one that describes where and how they would like to work. Check out the Data Works Sheet: Role in Theaters.

We asked: Think of the MN theaters with which you have direct knowledge and experience.  Where have you seen effective collaboration? This could be for a production, within a department, within the organization, or with another organization.  How did it happen and what was its impact? See the Data Works Sheet: Collaboration.

Based on our survey responses, we can see that effective collaboration in theaters is possible and it is already happening, with all sorts of people in all types of theaters. For methods to increase the quality of your own collaborations, check out the page on collaboration.

We asked: Think of the theater that you have been affiliated with the longest. How important were/are each of the 23 factors in your decision to stay with the theater. Think of the last time you left a job/project/ role at a MN theater organization. Or, if you completed a project and decided you would not choose to work with them again. How important were each of these factors in your decision to leave or not return? Check out the Data Works Sheet: Factors Why People Stay or Leave.

We asked:  What is the most important thing you wish a person supervising you at a theater would do? What is the most important thing you wish they would NOT do?
Check out the Data Works Sheet: Supervisor Do’s and Don’ts.

For more immediate downloads, check out direct access to all six of the Data Works Sheets PDFs.