Health, Safety, and Wellness

A culture of holistic safety and wellbeing is vital.

Practitioners have expectations of equity, access, security, safety, and opportunity, and should not fear repercussions for making these expectations known or working to improve them. 

The above is part of the Minnesota Theater Alliance values statement. We strive to provide resources for both performing arts organizations and practitioners, so that all involved can be informed, strive for improvements, and feel confident voicing concerns and having open dialogue.

We divide our Health, Safety, and Wellness section in to the following resource pages:

Safety for Practitioners (Technical Theater Safety Practices)

Safety for Audiences/Participants (Active Shooter/Crisis & Evacuation)

Healthy Spaces/Practices (Materials used in theater creation and facilities)

Wellness (Mental health/ Work-life balance / Stress and anxiety)

This section is an ongoing project to compile resources. If you need resources that you don’t see on this site, please contact us at  (You are also welcome to send us your favorite resources to help build the toolkit!)