Management: At some point in our professional lives, most of us will manage, or will be managed by, someone. How can we best regulate and maintain the employee-manager relationship, from either side? Start by recognizing your leadership style, and the styles of those around you. Look at how personalities mesh and know that it takes time to form bonds and turn group work into teamwork, and teamwork into collaboration.

It’s important that everyone in an organization feels empowered to do their job well, and knows they have an advocate for them in times of crisis. Who advocates for you? Do they have an advocate? Are you an advocate for someone? Can you be?

But eventually there are inevitable truths: disagreements are bound to happen. Maybe there’s an argument or a misunderstanding, or even blame or accusations for a problem. How can we approach conflict fairly? How can we come away from it clean and wiser? And, if it comes down to it, what is the appropriate way to walk away or tell someone they’re fired? These are big questions that have lots of answers. See sections Conflict, Staff Retention, and Termination to dive deeper.

SKIM IT: The Dos and Don’ts of Management:

  • DO be mindful of your personal strengths, weaknesses, and habits.
  • DO be honest. Be genuine. Be credible. Learn how to have discussions and give feedback without sugar-coating or criticizing.
  • DO lead by example. No matter your position in an organization, act the way you expect others to act.
  • DON’T feel like you need to have all the answers all the time. It’s okay to say “let me get back to you on that” – as long as you mean it.
  • DON’T be a jerk!


Team Development:

Leadership Styles:

  • A Managerial Laundry List collectively created by Nicki Pretzer, Peter Heeringa, and Andi Cheney for PAHRTS. Starts with the basic “what is management anyway” and travels through coaching, feedback, and performance reviews.
  • Managing: Getting Into, and Out of, the Way by Phil Weaver-Stoesz: A HowlRound blog on management tactics – bonus cartoons!
  • More leadership articles from Changing Minds including “Seagull Management (Flying in, pooping on you and flying off again)” and “Mushroom Management (Drop them in poo and keep them in the dark).”
  • Star Wars: Lessons for Management from Cornerstone Discovering Your Potential, Learning Actively and Living Well. A fun (and large) infographic drawing lessons from Star Wars to influence how you think about management.

Resources for Further Inquiry: