Staff Retention


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Staff Retention: High turnover is expensive in time, money, and energy for any organization. Ensuring your employees (or contractors) want to stay (or return) can be broken down into three simple steps. Step One: Hire the right person for the job. Step Two: Make them feel satisfied with their job and the organization. Step Three: Create and implement set procedures for staff promotions and transitions.

Take your time finding the right candidate for the position. Be open and flexible with your requirements, and be open to potential prospects surprising you. We recommend checking out the details in the Hiring section, if you haven’t done so already.

In addition to having competitive forms of compensation, employee satisfaction relies greatly on having a positive, healthy work space. An organization that truly values their employees (and shows it) is far more likely to have a great team, with little turnover. See the Workplace Culture category for more information.

Having a specific procedure for promoting, hiring, internal transitions, and termination will ease these shifts on all sides. They not only create less room for bias and favoritism, but it gives employees expectations about what’s coming next.

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