Process for Rehearsing and Performing Intimate Contact

Process for Rehearsing and Performing Intimate Contact (downloadable pdf) from the Conservatory at DePaul University.


At The Theatre School, we train actors to be bold, to live moment-to-moment in the given circumstances of the material, while being equally vigilant in ensuring their partner’s safety and boundaries. We encourage actors to take risks in scene work, but an atmosphere of absolute trust is necessary in order to truly take risks.

Clear boundaries must therefore be established and agreed upon among the artists involved, both in rehearsals and performance, particularly in scenes depicting violence, sex acts, intimate contact, abuse, or gestures of intimacy.

The Theatre School’s ON PROFESSIONALISM document outlines this with our expectation of Respect, Discipline, Responsibility, Collaboration, Communication, Maturity, and Honor. The following guidelines should be referenced when rehearsing or staging scenes of the nature described above. This includes scenes for classes, auditions, or productions, both inside and outside of class, with or without a director.


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