Supervisor Training for Hiring

Supervisor Training for Hiring (downloadable pdf) Tips and best practices for the Hiring Committee or Team courtesy of the Guthrie Theater (external link). Includes preparation, interview agendas, and protocol for checking references and running background checks.



Review the job description, job specifications, and physical requirements.  Determine how many people to interview.

Prepare a patterned interview.  Ensure that the questions cover all the necessary bases.  Review questions for appropriateness.

  • Determine who will conduct the interview.
  • When will interviews take place?
  • Where will interviews be held?
  • How long will the interview be?
  • How many applicants should be interviewed?
  • Will there be one, two or more interviews per applicant?

Be cautious about sharing information about the job in the early stages of the interview process.

Strive to ensure that applicants talk 80% of the time during the interview, and the interviewer(s) talk only 20% of the time.

Take the time necessary to determine if an applicant is a good fit for the job.  Resist the temptation to hire someone just to get the position filled.

If none of the applicants seem right for the job, consider withdrawing the posting and starting over.

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