Self Care in a Military Lifestyle

Self Care in a Military Lifestyle by Tara Yarte for Military Musters (site temporarily unavailable). Your theatre company may not be a branch of the military, but you’d be surprised how similar the industries are: high intensity situations, hurry up and wait, high pressure for excellent results, etc.


It cannot be overstated how important it is for military spouses, active duty service members, and our veteran community to take care of themselves. Often times in our desire to serve others, ­­whether it’s our families, our brothers and sisters in arms, our community, our friends, or anyone else­­ we put ourselves last.

While working in the non­profit world you tend to be around many people that are of the giving nature. However, oftentimes these givers are so focused on taking care of others that they forget to take care of themselves. While working as a therapist, I would sometimes take “mental health days” to recharge my batteries and avoid burnout. The other day I had someone encourage me to take a mental health day and do something fun just for me. I realized in that moment that, similar to those in giving positionsdf, the military community oftentimes puts ourselves last in the self­care department. Every service member I’ve met, including my own husband, has been so focused on the mission or operation that they will work themselves into the ground, on little sleep or food. As our service members transition into the veteran community, oftentimes they continue to have this same mentality. While their dedication is admirable, it is important that they balance their work ethic with self care.

Military spouses are sometimes the worst no self care offenders. We are often standing behind our service member, taking care of the home, life, work, children and other challenges solo while our service members are deployed or at work for days at a time. Often it can be difficult to find the time to take care of yourself, or even tell yourself that it is okay to put yourself first.

Whether you are a non­profit worker serving veterans, a member of our wonderful military community, a caregiver, a spouse, a veteran, or currently still serving, it’s important that you take a moment to take care of yourself. One of our primary missions here at Military Musters is to take a look at the overall wellness in your life. That means your diet, exercise, getting the services you need to address your needs physically and emotionally, taking time outs, and taking “mental health days” or, if you can’t manage a whole day, a “mental health hour”. To be at our best, we need to take care of ourselves, before we take care of others. Stay tuned for a series of blogs on how to take care of yourself through exercise, wellness, services and more!

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