Strategies for Putting out the Welcome Mat to Engage Diverse Constituents

Strategies for Putting out the Welcome Mat to Engage Diverse Constituents (downloadable pdf) by Leah Cooper for PAHRTS. 


Identifying Communities Discovering Barriers to Communities Reducing Barriers
Who do you serve now? Participation in the arts vs. basic needs Workshops and discussions
Who is in the community? Inexperience with your art form Access programs:
Who should you be serving? (Mission) Inexperience with philanthropy Childcare
Measure community by: Communication Transportation
Demographics Transportation Free/Discounted admission
Affinity/Interest Limits and Difference: Change environment
Ability Body Messaging
Experience Mind Internal training
Geography Spirit Internal diversity
Historically marginalized Customer Service needs Consideration of ethics of engagement
Politics Interest Reciprocal relationships
Who are other organizations serving? Size of gap between them and you Deliberative practice
What happens when demographics in your community shift? Finanical limitations are real limitations to breadth and depth Make space for action and feedback from those excluded
ASK! Showing up
Breaking bread
Partner with others doing same work
Engaging Interests Measuring Success Dealing with Failure
Focus on uniting elements Increase in numbers Tenacity
Group discussion Increase in interest Patience
PR Surveys Faith
Missionaries and advisors Social media Honest conversations
Partner with others who are succeeding Retention Embrace risk
Transparency Relationships Roll with it, adjust on the fly
Accountability Plan for long term: Not failure, “learning”
Dedicated committee Dedicated staff Transparency and collaboration – Learn WITH
Delegate leadership Realistic goals Analyze, what was inadequate or misguided:
Programming that reflects them Tangible commitments People
Interactive programs Capturing contacts Resources
Participatory programs Key players Quality
Shared celebration Spirit
ASK! Commitment
Document learning

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