Sample Hiring Timeline

Hiring Timeline (downloadable pdf) developed by Andi Cheney for PAHRTS. A template to consider all the steps of the hiring process, useful to customize for each position.


Position to be filled:

Job Description to be drafted by: (date) (author)

Reviewed by: (team)

Finalize job description by: (date)

Post job description by: (date)

Locations to post: (choose from the following)

  1. Springboard for the Arts 
  2. MN Playlist 
  3. Facebook & Website 
  4. MN Job Connect (see AAO/EE) (free – email
  5. Craigslist 
    1. TOTAL COST: $______

Application Review Committee: (team)

Criteria for Initial Filter:

Who oversees this process: (name)

  1. Submitted application materials as requested by the job post
  2. Relevant experience
  3. No serious formatting errors
  4. Additional

First filter to be completed by: (date)

Criteria for Second Filter:

Who oversees this process: (name)

Second filter to be completed by: (date)

Top ___(#) applicants to be interviewed will be notified by: (date)

Preliminary interviews will occur: (date range)

Secondary interviews will occur: (date range)

Final hiring decision will be made by: (team)

Training will begin: (date) supervised by: (names)

Orientation will be on: (date) with the following other hires: (names)

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