Theatre Safety Manual

Theatre Safety Manual (downloadable pdf) or Theater Safety Manual (direct link)from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. A comprehensive guide to student, employee, and technician safety that you could customize for your own shop.


Safety Policy

It shall be the policy of the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh Theatre that a safe, healthy environment shall be maintained at all times within the Theatre Program and its environs, including performance spaces, rehearsal spaces, and shop and other work spaces. This includes controlling and minimizing hazards attendant with the creation of theatre. We recognize that many processes, techniques, materials, and practices used in the theatre contain inherant risks to individuals; if those risks cannot be adaquately minimized and controlled through proper training, equipment, and use of appropriate precautions, THOSE THINGS MAY NOT BE USED WITHIN OUR PROGRAM.

Furthermore, ignoring precautions and restriction shall not be allowed. No production can ever be considered justification for risk to any member of our program, and no production can be considered successful if someone is injured in its completion.

No activity in theatre is completely safe. Safety procedures considered standard in any other industry may not be practical in a performance situation. We must therefore be especially diligent in following safety rules that do apply.

FAILURE TO FOLLOW APPROPRIATE SAFETY RULES AND POLICIES MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH! Therefore, failure to follow required safety rules may result in immediate temporary and possibly permanent expulsion from a given activity, production, or class.

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