Sample Employee Engagement Survey

Sample Employee Engagement Survey (downloadable pdf) from the Canadian HR Council. Want to know how likely you are to retain your staff? This quick 10 question survey could help you measure how much buy-in your organization has.


Employee Engagement Survey
Engagement Item Overall Score (1-5) Comments
You have a good understanding of the mission and the goals of this organization.
Your values and the organization’s values are aligned.
Your direct supervisor treats you with respect.
You feel valued for your work.
You have good working relationships with your colleagues.
You feel good about coming into work every day.
You know what is expected of you at work.
You are motivated to contribute more than what is expected of your in your job.
You would recommend the organization as a good place to work.

What do you like most about working at the organization? _____________________________

What could the organization do to improve your working experience? _____________________

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