Recruitment Checklist

Recruitment Checklist (downloadable pdf) by the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector (external link) in Canada. Covers steps from the decision to hire to the actual selection of  a candidate.


Before you recruit

  • Review the organization’s recruitment and selection policy and/or practices
  • Review the strategic and operational plans to determine if the position should be filled
  • Confirm that funding exists to recruit for and staff the position
  • Obtain the necessary approvals to staff the position
  • Develop a job description if the position is new
  • Review and update the job description for an existing position
  • Decide on the type of employment (full-time; part-time; permanent; contract; short-term; etc)
  • Identify constraints that will have an impact on the staffing process (need someone soon; specialized skills; supply/demand, etc)

Establish the recruitment and selection criteria

  • Develop recruitment and selection criteria based on the job description
  • Establish the minimum qualification for the position
  • Review all recruitment and selection criteria to ensure they are job-related and measurable
  • Ensure that all recruitment and selection criteria comply with Human Rights Legislation

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