Firing Checklist

Firing Checklist (downloadable pdf) by Dan Wisniewski for Covers pre-, during, and post- termination, as well as the four biggest termination mistakes.


The 4 biggest termination mistakes

So how do most companies get in trouble during the termination process? Here are four ways HR pros consistently drop the ball when they fire someone, courtesy of the ManpowerGroup Employment Blawg:

  1. They don’t explain why. If you’re looking to get sued, sugarcoat the reason you’re firing someone — or over-exaggerate. Either way, you’ll have a hard time pleading your case to a judge.
  2. They ignore precedent. Consistency is key. If you’re new to the company, learn how the company has handled similar terminations in the past.
  3. They don’t treat departing employees well. Just because you’re firing someone doesn’t mean you can’t treat them like a human being. It can only help your reputation if you treat a fired employee with dignity and respect. Plus, it’s the right thing to do.
  4. They don’t fire at all. Sometimes the biggest termination issue you can face is not taking action. Dragging your feet in firing a poor performer kills morale.

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