Conflict Management Self-Assessment

Conflict Management Self-Assessment (downloadable pdf) created for PAHRTS: An individual assessment that can help you and your organization better understand your intentional (and unintentional) conflict resolution practices.


If you have one primary job with an organization, answer in that context. If you work many places, answer for the organization where you have the most authority. If you are a completely individual artist, answer for the group/organization you work with most often (or wish you did).

  • When it comes to conflict, harassment, bullying, or unsafe working conditions, who do you talk to or ask for help from? Are they qualified? Responsible? Neutral?
  • What are the forums and process for discussing and addressing conflicts or giving feedback? Productive? Accountable?
  • What are the values around managing conflict? Value Shared? Documented? Transparent?
  • Do you know the policy for …?

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