Conflict Scenario: Peer to Peer

Conflict Scenario: Peer to Peer (downloadable pdf Choose Your Own Adventure) created by Leah Cooper, Ashley Hanson, and Pogi Sumangil for PAHRTS: An actor struggles with another cast member who keeps giving unsolicited line notes.


Alex looked up from her script and directly at Joey, remembering how her jaw dropped when she heard she was doing a show with one of her favorite actors, directed by one of the biggest directors in town, Kim Banner. And now she was sharing a stage with THE Joey Howlett, being directed by THE Kim Banner. Alex knew that Kim and Joey had worked together a lot over the last year or two, and the theater community was already buzzing about this show.

She spent most of the first rehearsal trying not to appear starstruck in Kim & Joey’s presence, but now, a week into rehearsals, that star was fading fast.  

“Take Ten, everybody!”
“Thank you, ten,” Alex muttered, feeling the tension creep into her jaw. She knew that any second, Joey would pounce, and she’d spend the next 10 minutes nodding and forcing a smile while Joey spends most of their break “talking about character,” but definitely NOT “giving notes,” because actors don’t give fellow actors notes.

“Have you thought about playing it, like, really comedically?” A chill shot up Alex’s spine. “Here we go,” she thought to herself turning to face Joey. Behind Joey, Chris, another castmember who knows all too well about Joey’s tendency to give other actors notes, locked eyes with Alex, giving her a knowing look and mouthing the word, “sorry.”

As Alex made sure to nod and smile periodically while Joey talked at her, she thought back to how excited she was when she heard that THIS theater was doing Become the Teapot. She was even more excited when she received the call to play Shannon, a role she’s been dreaming about since she first read the play in college. She thought back on the years of auditioning for THIS theater, and how she had begun to accept the fact that she’d never be cast in a show there. She had convinced herself that it was a waste of time to keep auditioning for THIS theater, but she just couldn’t stay away from any theater doing Become the Teapot. And now, she was playing Shannon in Teapot, with Joey and directed by Kim!  This was supposed to be a dream come true, it was supposed to be…

“…that way you’re playing AGAINST the drama, you know?” Joey continued.
“Mm-hm,” nodded Alex, wondering how Joey has gotten so far as an actor being so unprofessional.



Download the pdf Choose Your Own Adventure: Conflict Scenario: Peer to Peer 

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