Federal and MN State Classification Tests

Federal and MN State Classification Tests  (downloadable pdf) Series of questions to determine appropriate classification for employees and independent contractors by a variety of government agencies. (Yes, the criteria from the MN Department of Labor are different from the Department of Revenue.) To see the same information in table format, check out this Legal Code.


This document is meant to serve as a guide to the various laws affected by employee classification. Every situation is evaluated on a case­by­case basis. Laws are subject to change, and up to interpretation by the judiciary. Furthermore, federal decisions from different judicialcircuits are not controlling, but merely persuasive. Minnesota sits in the Eighth Circuit, http://ca8.uscourts.gov

Document updated by Sarah A. Howes, J.D. in October 2015.

Many agencies have laws related to classification of staff. Below are the agencies, laws, and classification tests currently used.

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