Morality Discussion

Morality Discussion: (downloadable pdf) created for PAHRTS. If an organizational budget is a moral document, what does your pay scale say about how you value people?


What if you thought of your budget and staff structure as a moral document? What would that look like?


  • Have you ever looked at compensation as a percentage of budget? Compared which job titles are getting what percent?
  • If not supply/demand driven, how would you value labor? Could you value it in terms of what most yields revenue? Or what most yields delivery of mission?


  • What happens if everyone knows what everyone gets paid and why?
  • Do you know what your peers are getting paid? Compensation and diversity:
  • Are compensation constraints a barrier to diversity?
  • Who can afford low-paying jobs and free internships?

Fair vs. possible:

  • Yeah, but what about “small” companies doing “interesting” work?
  • The infrastructure required for employment vs. contractors
  • Can theaters spend less elsewhere so they can spend more on labor?
  • Should funders care where their funds go?


  • Does more pay = better work?
  • Does more stability = better work?
  • Who is entitled to more pay and stability?
  • Why does it seem like the more generative or closer to the product the worker is, the less they are likely to be paid or have stability?

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