How (Not) to Write a Casting Breakdown

How (Not) to Write a Casting Breakdown (downloadable pdf) by Lynne Marie Rosenberg: Dos and Don’ts of writing an audition posting. From HowlRound (external link) by the author of


I am Lynne Marie Rosenberg.
I am thirty-four, but I look twenty-seven, and I sound forty-five.
I am Jewish, but not Jewish enough to play Jewish.
I am Irish, but not Irish enough to play Irish.
I am sexy, but not sexy enough to play Latina.
I have curly hair, which means I’m a character actor.
I have Caucasian skin, which means I can be nominated for an Oscar.
And I am the curator of the Tumblr Cast And Loose, a collection of the best of the worst casting notices the Internet has to offer.

Unfortunately, my job is very easy. Every day, wayward breakdown authors mindlessly release their words into the world with seemingly no awareness of the damage they can inflict, or the problems that they are perpetuating. I round them up for the day, add my two cents, and voilà: a popular Tumblr followed by actors and non-actors who are fed up with the racism, ageism, colorism, and other abundant ‘isms in the entertainment industry.

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