We envision a vibrant and complex Minnesota performing arts ecosystem in which practitioners’ flourish in companies that are stable, accessible, safe, and healthy; achieving their missions through enthusiastic engagement with their communities and audiences. -Vision statement of the Minnesota Theater Alliance

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Welcome to the Performing Arts Human Resources Toolkit! Maintained and hosted by the Minnesota Theater Alliance, this website is intended to be USEFUL, like a toolbox, for all your human resources needs. Whether you’re starting a theatre company, an independent contractor looking into your rights, or working for an organization investigating the best HR practices, this toolkit has a lot to offer.

Navigation: If you’re here to explore, we’ve broken the topics down into a few categories: Hiring (subcategorized into Compensation and Classification), Management (subcategorized into Conflict, Staff Retention, and Termination), Workplace Culture, Diversity, Collaboration, Health, Safety, and Wellness, and Preventing Sexual Misconduct. If you’d like to see the results of our pilot survey, check out the Data Works Sheets. If you’re looking for a specific topic, try the search bar at the top or the tag cloud on the right.

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Legal Caveat: You’ll notice that we have a lot of information about the legalities, and we want to note that these are a) primarily specific to Minnesota and b) subject to change due to legislative processes. We have included these resources as a touchstone for best practices, and we highly recommend consulting legal and outside resources for the most accurate information and advice.

Contact: We cannot offer specific guidance for your HR questions, but if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this toolkit, please use this contact form.

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